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Moving Advice from a Traveling Nurse

Growing up, my two main passions were helping others and traveling. These passions made choosing my dream career easy, and I am now a traveling nurse and love it. If there is anything I have mastered outside of the field of healthcare it is making quick moves around the country! There was a huge learning curve to it, because before I began traveling for work, I lived in the same house for my entire life. To help other people who move frequently for work purposes or who are just relocating for the first time in many years, I thought I would create a blog to share my moving tips. I plan to create new posts here and there during my downtime, and I hope I can help you master your next move with ease and without a lot of stress!


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Moving Advice from a Traveling Nurse

    Making Your Home Ready For Your Movers To Pick Up And Go

    One of the most crucial aspects of a residential move is staying on schedule. That's why many people in the process of moving choose dates that they know they will be off the clock to secure renting trucks and professional movers. If you want to be certain that you are able to move out of your old house and into your new abode on schedule and without complications, have your boxes packed and make a clear, safe path for your movers to get to work.

    What Not To Place Inside Of A Self-Storage Unit Rental

    Self-storage unit rentals are one of the easiest ways to get rid of items that are crowding your house without having to throw them away. However, you should be cautious about what is stored inside of the unit if you decide to rent one. You don't want anything that you are storing to cause problems, such as items that can make the unit humid inside. Rental facilities will usually have rules in regards to what they will allow you to store inside of their units.