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Growing up, my two main passions were helping others and traveling. These passions made choosing my dream career easy, and I am now a traveling nurse and love it. If there is anything I have mastered outside of the field of healthcare it is making quick moves around the country! There was a huge learning curve to it, because before I began traveling for work, I lived in the same house for my entire life. To help other people who move frequently for work purposes or who are just relocating for the first time in many years, I thought I would create a blog to share my moving tips. I plan to create new posts here and there during my downtime, and I hope I can help you master your next move with ease and without a lot of stress!



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Moving Advice from a Traveling Nurse

Moving House In The Dead Of Winter: What You Need To Consider

by Tom Evans

What is something that you might hope for on moving day? A time machine would be useful since you could just jump a few days into the future when you've already moved into your new place. But realistically, one thing you would hope for is nice weather, because this just makes the job easier. You won't necessarily be moving house in summer though. So what should you be thinking about if you're going to be moving house in the dead of winter?

Price and Flexibility

It's important to think positively and remember that winter is the off-season for moving companies. Because there is reduced demand, the overall cost can be lower. You can also have more choices when it comes to the actual date, which can come in very handy.

Weather on the Day

A bit of light snow isn't going to undo your moving plans, but a blizzard might. When the weather forecast for your moving day doesn't look promising, check with your moving company. Because it's their quiet season, they might be able to reschedule your move by a few days when the weather will be more accommodating. It depends on the precise date you need to vacate your existing home, along with the moving company's other bookings, but it might be possible.

As Close As Possible

Is it possible for the moving company to reverse their truck onto your drive? This can be really helpful when it's snowing since there's a risk that your local municipality will have arranged for the roads to be plowed, creating a snowbank right outside your property.

Prepare Your Walkways

Even if the moving truck can get nice and close to your home, you need to be sure that nobody is going to slip on an icy surface. Allow some time on the morning of the move so that you can shovel your paths and drive. You should also consider salting these walkways for maximum traction (which becomes even more important when carrying something heavy).

Protect Your Floors

That snow (along with the salt or grit you've used) can create a real mess inside your home. Start stockpiling newspapers in the weeks leading up to your move, so you can protect your floors. Once the moving company has removed everything from inside your home, these newspapers can be discarded with your recycling.

It's not impossible to move in the dead of winter, but it's going to be cold, and possibly snowing, and your planning needs to take this into account.

To learn more information, reach out to moving companies near you for help.