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Growing up, my two main passions were helping others and traveling. These passions made choosing my dream career easy, and I am now a traveling nurse and love it. If there is anything I have mastered outside of the field of healthcare it is making quick moves around the country! There was a huge learning curve to it, because before I began traveling for work, I lived in the same house for my entire life. To help other people who move frequently for work purposes or who are just relocating for the first time in many years, I thought I would create a blog to share my moving tips. I plan to create new posts here and there during my downtime, and I hope I can help you master your next move with ease and without a lot of stress!



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Moving Advice from a Traveling Nurse

Moving Soon? 4 Things To Not Take With You

by Tom Evans

Part of the process of moving is getting rid of the stuff that you do not want anymore. By purging these items, you lighten the load that you need to take with you, save on moving supplies, and make it easier to unpack at your new place. Here are four things that you should not take with you to your new home.

1. Clothes That You Don't Wear

Your dressers and closets may feel like the hardest things to pack, with so many items that you do not wear with any regularity. That is why it is worth purging those clothes that you have not worn in a long time, do not fit anymore, or are just simply out of style. If you haven't been wearing it, the chances are that you do not need it, and it is best to throw it away or donate it.

2. Duplicate Kitchen Items

How many wooden spoons do you actually need in your kitchen? It's likely that you have a bunch of duplicate kitchen items that you have collected over the years, many of which do not ever get used. When packing up your kitchen, assess what you actually use and need rather than what you are holding on to.

At the same time, consider getting rid of kitchen gadgets that you used once or twice and haven't touched since.

3. Old Books

Do you have a bookshelf filled with books that you have not read in years? Are you still holding onto college textbooks that you haven't opened since your last week of final exams? All of these books can likely go away and you would not miss them anymore. If they are college textbooks, it's likely that they are so out of date that they have no value anymore. Consider donating old books to the local library or passing them along to somebody else that would enjoy them.

4. Flammable Items

Some items may not even be allowed on the moving truck, which is why it is worth asking your movers what is prohibited. This could include fuels, fertilizer, and propane tanks. These items may be forced to be left behind because of the danger they can pose being in the back of a hot moving truck all day long.

These are just a few items that can be left behind during a big move. For more tips, check with a moving company in your area before you start packing.